Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Old Daguerreotype

I found this in an antiques store in Jersey. I think I'll make a show about him;)

Many thanks to Rick Vicens for some outstanding character design work. Also Jack Ehrbar for modeling and myself for a few things.

He's a character we're working on for an internal project. Not much else to be said yet, but I like the image.


Sorry for the delay in the linear light workflow guides. I got very busy with impending chaos at MotR. We are moving soon, and undergoing some changes in partnerships. It's been all my time to focus on the company.

I do have the next "linear" post nearly finished tho, so I hope to get it online soon. Sorry again for the long delay.

The Brokenmusicbox

My cousin Tony and his sweetie Kim just released their first album under the name, "The Brokenmusicbox." Beautiful stuff with some perhaps Michael Penn influenced instrumentation. You can find a link to their sparse site on my friends list to the right, but here's a nice little writeup on a music blog that has some info - link

Update: You can buy the cd here:

Digital distribution is coming soon.