Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vray for Maya: Vray Frame Buffer

This video goes over how to use the Vray Framebuffer, and its integration into Maya. Hopefully it helps your (linear) workflow.

Vray For Maya: Nederhorst Settings

This video gets you up-and-running with some production-proven render settings originally outlined by Robert Nederhorst. Thanks to him, and the Chaos Group team, we have some really useful and simple ways to render complex scenes. It may look a bit tricky at first to set it up, but by all means, save it a preset. I use a preset and apply it at the start of my scene, then set the vray common attribs afterward. You can also text edit the preset, and comment out all the bits that modify the common tab.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vray Training Videos

I thought I'd take a bit of time, and record some videos to introduce folks to Vray for Maya. This is mostly geared toward people already familiar with rendering with raytracers (like Mental Ray). It won't go over very basic concepts, but it will introduce vray in such a way, as to get you producing nice images with it quickly. It was initially thought of as internal training videos for my company. We get a lot of freelancers in that have experience with MR, but not with Vray. So I often spend time with them going over the same stuff over and over. So this will help everyone!

So far, only the first few are up on my youtube channel. The introduction in 2 parts, and an overview of "Nederhorst Settings" which are solid, easy-to-use and production-proven settings. I plan to add more soon. Next ones should be, the Vray Framebuffer, Materials, and Lights.

Intro Part 1

Intro Part 2