Monday, November 5, 2007

Rendering Software and Robots

So, here's some background. It's been years since I've posted anything on the web, and I feel the time has come to (try) to give back a bit, to the gigantic community of rendering crackpots. I've learned a lot from others' brave blogs, so why not add to the goodness?

I started out in 3dsMax many years ago, and have long been a huge proponent of scanline rendering. For efficiency's sake, You would think I would have evloved into Renderman. You would think wrong... so far. In 2004 or so, our studio (IDTe/DPS) switched to Maya for feature work, and I have never looked back. Eventually, mentalRay came standard and the physical accuracy was too enticing to avoid raytracing. So nowadays, I remain a raytracing fool and keep pusing mentalRay as far as I can.

In 2005, I started a company with 2 partners called "Millions of tiny Robots." It has grown steadily over the years into an exciting CG commercial and print house. We hope to grow it further into long-form animation as well. That's the short story. More later.

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