Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vray for Maya: Workflow and Render Elements

This video breaks down some importnat concepts in general vray scene workflow, and also focuses on creating Render Elements to augment your renders in post.


johng said...

another great tutorial. Very helpful stuff. Any chance you could make the scene file available? I'd love to see your material settings and general scene setup. It looks beautiful

Dennis said...

Cool tut I like it a lot.

I got some tutorials myself at my site.



fred said...

I 've been waiting for the new episodes. They get better and better.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for these, excellent work - I've been using Mental Ray for almost 6 years, and this set of Tutorials are a far better introduction to a new rendering engine than I had with MR. Looking forward to the next one.


gianni said...

What is the program you use to post render ? thanks great tutorial

Andrew said...

The program I'm using here for compositing/post work is Fusion6 (eyeon). we also use Nuke at the office, but I'm just more comfy in fusion for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
you're really generous putting all these tuts on your blog, i'm a new mr->vray migrant and i found the answer to lots of my questions here. thanks again. i got a simple question:
how the traditional "light-linking" would work for V-Ray, as mine doesn't work doing the same process i used to do?!

Anonymous said...

I'm hossein BTW!

Ovidiu said...

Amazing tutorials!
I must say they are helping me big time!
Thanks a lot for your effort, I think you could open up a "donate" section on your site.

Desmond said...

Thank you thank you thank you, your tutorials have really helped me get some kind of grounding in the Vray/Maya world. I've just swapped over from another app and just needed some in-depth commentary of all the parameters, what they do and why. I've bookmarked your site and I hope you keep it going.

ammu said...

VAndrew cheers
Cool tuts man
Can you have a tutorial for Vray fur ... how to speed up render time without compromising quality?
-Maya 2011 Mac user

Albert Adam said...

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