Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gamma Tools 1.0

Hey folks. I mentioned I was going to post some scripted tools for inserting/removing gamma nodes. Well, here are a few.

Check out the readme for specific info, but here's a basic rundown. There are 3 tools (and 1 bonus for the brave).

insertGamma - inserts gamma nodes with pre-set .455 (after any selected texture nodes with color connections).
deleteGamma - deletes selected gamma nodes while retaining connections
gammaValue - changes the gamma value globally or for selected nodes. This is a command-line tool only at the moment... so the value should be entered in after the command, then executed.

There is also a hyperUserInit.mel which is a replacement for a standard maya UI script. If you choose to try this, make sure to back up the original one. This update adds the ability to insert Gamma nodes by Ctrl+Alt+Shift clicking on a connection line in the hyperShade.

These are really simple scripts. We don't have a lot of time or manpower to devote to such tools, but I'm glad Al could get these done so quickly. Thanks go to Albert (a MotR cohort) for coding.


Jason Huang said...

Awesome! Andrew. Thank you and Albert. Is the script working with MR texture lookup node or only the maya's default texture node?

Jason Huang said...

I just tested. Work on both Maya texture node and mib_texture_lookup node. Well done!!

Andrew said...

No problem Jason... it's been something we've been meaning to do here for a while. The script is pretty agnostic about the types of nodes you select, since it doesn't really care. What it really looks for, is a color connection. If there is an rgb connection, it'll note the input/ouput, insert the gamma, and reconnect... as long as it's a color connection, it should work. Likewise, if you try to use it on a single float connection, it won't work. Not even an error message... sorry there, but it's really down and dirty.

Brian said...

Just wanted to say Thanks for the cool tools.

djx said...

Thanks Andrew. Thank Albert for me too. I love the ctrl-alt-shift-click functionality.

Wounded Fox said...

Can you please break it down a little more for Maya n00bs like me? I got the script and I can see the 3 global processes coded. But how do I create to separate shelf buttons for insert and delete? Should I just select the whole global proc and MMB drag to shelf? If I do that, and select my texture node in hypershade and click on insetnode, nothing happens.

A little clarification would be much appreciated! I really love this blog.