Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Photography

I thought I'd mention, that I've gotten a renewed interest in photography. I got a new camera (Canon Rebel XSI), and have been very pleased with the quality, even though I'm still only using the stock zoom lens. I can't wait to get some better lenses for it. But for now, I have posted a few images up at flickr. My photostream is here. Most of the images are taken as raw and tweaked using CS3's raw conversions. Really nice flexibility. One or two are HDR captures. They consist of 3 bracketed raw exposures at 2 stops difference each. Technically this is not HDR... more like MDR, but for some situations, it's all I need. Given the exposures are automated and hand-held, it's not a bad working process. For something critical, I would use a tripod and take more exposures. Here's one of my favorites.


DommyBoy said...

Nice work Andrew, I have the same camera - and like you really want a new lens 50-300mm lens :P

Great work on the gamma stuff by the way!! Keep it up - really useful reading.

Andrew said...

Perhaps Christmas might bring me a longer zoom lens. In the meantime, I was most interested in a portrait lens, but didn't have a lot of cash. I got the "nifty fifty." Canon's low-end 50mm lens. The optics are great. As good as the midrange 50, but the build is cheap plastic. In the end, for 75 bucks, it was a perfect buy. It's been great for pics of the new baby. Sharpness and color are outstanding. The only minor gripe with the image quality is the bokeh is just a bit too angular, with only 6 (pretty straight) sides to the iris. The bokeh is nice, but I would prefer a softer rounder quality. For the price tho, you cannot go wrong.